retrospective orfees 2022 en video


Johnny Todd
(Ecosse - Interprété par ANGUS AIRD. Droits réservés)

1/Johnny Todd he took a notion
For to sail upon the sea
And he left his own dear Jeanie
Weeping on the Greenock pier

Weep nae mair my awn dear Jeanie
Take your bairn upon your knee.
I'll be back and wee'll be married
Doon along the Greenock pier

2/ Johnny's gone in search of riches
For Australia he is bound
Handsome in his canvas britches
Off to sail the world around

Weep nae mair............

3/ Many's the winter nights she's waited
For a ship out in the bay
Friends may say that she's forsaken
But she still can hear him say

Ref:Weep nae mair..............

4/ Then one morning bright and early
In the springtime of the year
A ship is sailing in the harbour
Bringing Johnny tae his dear

Ref: Weep nae mair............
(X 2)